Warning Light By David Ricciardi


Release Date: April 17, 2018

Zac Miller, a CIA analyst, is a passenger on a plane headed to Singapore. His plane begins to experience engine trouble and makes an emergency landing at an Iranian military base recently damaged by an earthquake. While the plane is on the ground, Zac takes photos of buildings believed to be hiding a secret nuclear facility.

Zac finds himself separated from other passengers and is interrogated by local officials. He is tortured by the guards but manages to keep quiet about the true nature of his mission. After regaining consciousness, he finds himself in a prison and realizes that escape is his only way out. Zac knows that the odds of staying alive are slim but he has been well trained for these conditions. Lacking money, a passport, and a support network he embarks on an incredible journey

Warning Light by David Ricciardi is a debut novel. It is a fast-paced action-packed story with exciting twists. I hope this book becomes the first installation of a longer series.

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  1. Would love to take this to dialysis and bury myself in it for the three hours I have to be there… then I can’t wait to get home to pick it up again… I love reading and look forward to reading a good book and getting lost in it…

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