The Husband Hour By Jamie Brenner


Release Date: April 24, 2018

Lauren Adelman and Rory Kincaid were high school sweethearts. Rory was an all-star hockey player who was heavily recruited by colleges while Lauren worked on the school newspaper. The two were always together and they finally married after Rory got drafted by the NHL. Unfortunately, his hockey career stalled early on and he found himself unemployed.  With few options, Rory enlisted in the US Army and was later killed overseas. After his death, Lauren retreated to her family’s beach house at the Jersey Shore where she worked as a waitress.

Four years later, her parents, sister, and nephew decide to spend their summer at the beach house. Lauren is not happy with this invasion of her privacy.  She also readies herself for an escalation of her stormy relationship with her sister. At the same time, a filmmaker requests an interview about her late husband. He is working on a documentary about Rory and has completed extensive research about his past. He believes that there is more information about Rory’s short career in the NHL that needs to be disclosed.  Lauren is holding onto precious information but doesn’t want his image tarnished by the media.  Begrudgingly, Lauren agrees to give the reporter one hour of her time.  

The Husband Hour by Jamie Brenner is a book that covers many meaningful topics. Although the focus is the main character’s grief, it also embarks on the theme of adult family relationships. This is the third novel that I have read by the author and she has become one of my favorites.

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  1. Great review! I am putting this on my TBR list. I wish I could take off work for a year and read all day.


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