Limelight by Amy Poeppel


Release Date: May 1, 2018

The Brinkley family of five has just relocated to New York City from Dallas, Texas.  Allison’s husband was offered a promotion and the whole family was excited to try something new.  Their new home in a small cramped apartment seems a small sacrifice for this golden opportunity.  Collectively, they anticipate a few stumbles after leaving behind lifelong friends and a comfortable home.   

Things do not go as planned for Allison when her teaching job falls through. Her children begin to have problems adjusting socially leaving her two daughters unhappy and her son getting disciplined at school. Her optimistic view of city life wanes further when she hits a parked car in front of school moms. Her attempt to pass on insurance details becomes the start of better times.  She meets a foul-mouthed, hungover, teenager and realizes he is a famous pop star.  He is living alone and Allison becomes concerned for his well being.  She becomes the parent he never had while providing the managerial talent to get his career back on track.  

This is the second novel written by Amy Poeppel and I am a fan of both of her books. Limelight provides a view of life through the lens of a mom juggling the demands of a family in the diverse and chaotic city of New York.