Seven Days Of Us by Francesca Hornak



Paperback Release Date: October 16, 2018

Olivia Birch is a doctor who is returning to England to spend the holidays with her family. Because she was treating an epidemic in Liberia, her entire family will be quarantined during her visit. Her mother Emma is looking forward to the week together since it is rare for everyone to be in the same location.  The siblings are less enthused since they will be forced together and can’t leave the house. Phoebe, the youngest daughter, is the only child living at home but that will change shortly as the family prepares for her upcoming wedding.

Olivias father Andrew recently learned that his illegitimate son wants to meet him.  This news weighs on him since he never told his wife about his illegitimate child who was conceived during a brief affair.  Living in close proximity starts to wear on the family and life deteriorates further as the week progresses. The lack of privacy affects everyone pushing them outside of their comfort zone.  Secrets are revealed causing friction among the family members. Soon extra house guests arrive adding to the intrigue and mystery.

This is a debut novel by Francesca Hornak.  Each chapter is a day in their week and is presented from each family member’s point of view. The author does a wonderful job of reflecting the complications of family relationships.

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