One Good Mama Bone by Bren McClain


Release Date: February 14, 2017

In rural South Carolina in the early 1950’s, Sarah Creamer adopts her best friend’s baby boy after her tragic suicide. Seven years later when Sarah’s husband dies, she is left without the resources to care for Emerson. She has never had a real job and is short on money and family support.  She fears that she doesn’t have the mothering skills to raise this child on her own.

Sarah has been struggling to support her family by making dresses for the local women and is barely surviving. One day, Sarah reads about a local steer competition with a substantial cash prize. Facing limited options, she decides to buy a calf for Emerson to raise for the next competition. She ends up with a second animal when the calf’s mom, Mama Red, escapes from her owner and ends up in the Creamer’s yard. Mama Red becomes important to Sarah and becomes an outlet to discuss her feelings about motherhood.  As the date of the competition draws closer, Sara develops some unlikely friendships that were unthinkable years ago.

This is a stunning debut novel by Bren McCain. One Good Mama Bone will make you ponder the bonds of love, parenting, and the struggles that are endured. I am impatiently waiting for this author’s next book.   

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