The Accidental Beauty Queen by Teri Wilson


Release Date: December 4, 2018

Ginny and Charlotte are identical twins. Although they look alike, their lives have taken very different directions. Ginny spends her time competing in beauty pageants and has worked hard to achieve some success. Her goal is to win the upcoming Miss American Treasure pageant- a title previously won by her mother. Charlotte is more introverted and is happy working as a librarian where she can enjoy her precious books. With little social overlap, the two sisters are not as close as most twins.  

Charlotte decides to spend her vacation by supporting Ginny at the pageant. The night before the competition, Ginny breaks out in hives on her face from a food allergy. Rather than withdrawing, the sisters swap identities and Charlotte makes her secret beauty pageant debut. In the process, she makes surprising discoveries about herself and moves forward to repairing ties with her sister.

This was another fun novel by Teri Wilson. I was first introduced to her books in The Royally Roma series. The Accidental Beauty Queen was not only a book about pageants but about sisterly love and rivalry.