Why We Lie by Amy Impellizzeri


Release Date: March 5, 2019

Aby Birch recently married a rising politician. They live together in Washington, DC where she works for a nonprofit organization. Jude Birch began his career as a lawyer where his dynamic personality made him a quick riser in the political circuit. When he gets injured in an accident, the resulting investigation makes Aby question how perfect their lives really were.

While the police and the press probe into the case, Aby is forced to begin her own inquiry. She questions the validity of their ideal lifestyle along with Jude’s close relationship with his campaign manager. She suspects that there is a secret beyond politics that keeps them bonded together. Aby’s biggest fears begin to materialize as events move closer to unveiling her own hidden past.

Why We Lie is a timely novel covering current issues surrounding honesty, social media, politics, and workplace culture. Amy Impellizzeri’s background as a corporate litigator provides the framework for her novel while her creativity ignites the suspense.


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