Little Lovely Things by Maureen Joyce Connolly


Release Date: April 2, 2019

Claire Rawlings is feeling feverish and worried she might pass out while driving to her medical residency. She is forced to pull over at a gas station while her two young daughters sleep in the car. In her weakened state, she runs to the bathroom while leaving her girls in the car.  After passing out, she awakens to find her car and children are missing.

Claire along with her husband, Glenn, struggle with the hope of seeing their daughters again. Their future together dissolves into coping with the heavy guilt which strains their marriage. They live with the difficulty of not knowing what happened to their children and do their best to move forward.  

This debut novel by Maureen Joyce Connolly was hard to put down as it moves through the emotions of a mother’s worst nightmare.  ” Little Lovely Things” is a well-crafted novel which draws on many points of view to build the story. I look forward to more books by this author.

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