The Liar’s Room by Simon Lelic


Release Date: January 15, 2019

Susanna Fenton has secrets that she keeps hidden from her co-workers and her fourteen-year-old daughter.  After a tragic event, she re-started her life in a new town and tried to move forward. She currently works as a therapist seeing private clients while raising her teen daughter.

She meets a new teenage patient named Adam who comes to her seeking help.  It becomes apparent that the appointment is a ruse and he is there to uncover Susanna’s past.  She struggles to keep her composure as he bombards her with questions and threats. Their session quickly takes a turn for the worst when Adam reveals that he knows Susanna’s daughter and her life depends on her answers.

The Liar’s Room is a novel that takes place over a few hours in a therapist’s office. Simon Lilac’s book is a fast-paced thriller about two individuals together in a room who are not honest about their identities. This book will have you biting your nails while you race to the end.