The Queen Of Hearts by Kimmery Martin – New in Paperback


Paperback Release Date: February 5, 2019

Zadie and Emma have a friendship that has stood the test of time. They went to medical school together, endured the highs and lows of dating, and are now juggling the demands of a family as neighbors in North Carolina. Their lives and careers were pretty uneventful until a colleague nicknamed, Dr. X joined their staff.

Neither Zadie or Emma are not  happy with Dr. X’s arrival because each is keeping secrets from the past. Zadie had a romance with Dr. X but kept it discreet since he was the chief resident. Emma has her own misgivings because she has kept secrets from Zadie that may be unveiled. Dr. X’s presence threatens to destroy their longstanding friendship.

This is a debut novel by Kimmery Martin, who was able to draw on her experience as a doctor. I enjoyed this book which explores the relationship between two women via their life experiences. From this book, I also learned a new expression for an Ace Wrap!

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