One Fatal Mistake by Tom Hunt


Release Date: February 5, 2019

Joshua Mayo is driving at night and accidentally kills a pedestrian. With no witnesses, he makes the impulsive decision not to call the police. He is eighteen with a bright future and fears that this incident could derail his acceptance into Clemson.  A few days later, he gets worried and returns to the scene of the accident to search for any evidence. Events begin to unfold that force Joshua to confess his plight to his mother Karen.

Ross is a drug addict with a volatile personality and is married to Amber who hopes a change in fortune can rekindle their marriage.  Together they are on the run after robbing a bank. They have left everything behind except the stolen money and a gun. They are on foot and decide to steal a car which brings them in contact with Joshua and Karen who are forced to help the unstable couple.  

“One Fatal Mistake” is Tom Hunt’s second novel. I found this book entertaining and action-packed.  The twisty events and creepy characters will motivate you to quickly finish the story.

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