The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides


Release Date: February 5, 2019

Alicia Berenson is currently a patient at a mental hospital outside of London. She has been confined to the facility since murdering her husband six years ago. Prior to the crime, she was a famous painter and her husband, Gabriel, a fashion photographer.  They appeared to be in love and she was convicted of his murder without a motive. She gave no statements in her defense and has refused to communicate with anyone since his death.

Theo Farber is a psychotherapist who has read up on Alicia and believes he can get her to speak. He gains employment at her hospital which provides access to Alicia and her records. He becomes so determined to succeed that he begins investigating her past life to uncover the motive for the crime.

The Silent Patient is an engrossing page-turner. I nearly missed a transfer on my train while reading so I suggest that you explore it in the safety of your home. I wait impatiently for the next book from Alex Michaelides.

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