The East End by Jason Allen


Release Date: May 7, 2019

Corey is a high school senior living in the Hamptons with his mother. Together they live a modest life supporting the millionaires who frequent the area.  They are currently employed by the Sheffield family maintaining their summer house. Corey has an unusual habit of breaking into vacant homes and snooping through rooms then launching pranks on the unsuspecting residents.  He is driven by his hate for the disparity between the rich and working-class people. He cannot wait to leave Long Island.

The night before Memorial day, Corey breaks into the Sheffield home. He believes it is empty but finds the Sheffield daughter, Tiffany, and her best friend enjoying the house before her parent’s arrival. Later that evening the patriarch of the family, arrives with a much younger gentleman. Leo and his secret lover are spending one last evening together while indulging in drugs.  Eventually, an accident takes place that shifts the balance between the two social classes.

The East End is a debut novel by Jason Allen. It is suspenseful and tense book with a unique view of social distinctions. Regardless of your roots, no one is immune from dysfunction and drama.