Second Chance in Laguna by Claire Marti


Release Date: March 31, 2017

Sophie Barnes was jilted at the altar by her long time fiance. In need of a change, she quits her job to pursue her dream of writing a book. She also decides a change of scenery is needed and moves to Laguna Beach. She will take a year to recover from her recent heartbreak and try to restart her life.  

Sophie rents a house from Nick Morgan who is a local architect.  He is known around town as a ladies’ man who isn’t interested in settling down with a long term relationship. He is intrigued by Sophie but she shows no interest in his advances. He does his best to romance her and always finds reasons to visit the house in person. Time will tell if they are compatible and can find a connection.

This is a light romantic novel that would be a fun beach read for your summer holiday. I look forward to the second book in this series by Claire Marti.

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  1. Second Chance in Laguna and Perfect Imperfections both seem like they’ll be GREAT summer reads. I’ll look forward to reading both of them! Thanks Suzy for your reviews!

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